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My name is Ashley Barkow. I have been in the horticulture industry for six years where I have specialized in manicuring formal gardens, shade gardens, rose gardens and everything in between. I also have a background of garden bed designing.

I graduated from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in 2018 with two degrees.
  • Landscape Horticulture 
  • Plant Healthcare Management

While I am not getting my hands dirty in the soil, you'll find me practicing martial arts, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, hunting, biking, camping and enjoying all of what Wisconsin has to offer.

I look forward to making your home or business a beautiful oasis. 

Leaf Cleanup

Leaf clean up please call for removal service options 920 664 8477 or email at abarkowgsad@gmail.com

Vegetable Garden Maintenance

Designing, planting, maintaining, harvesting, and cleanup of vegetable garden beds

Fall and Spring Cleanup

Tidying up of plant material in preparation for the upcoming season. Including cutback of necessary perennials. Please call or email for removal service options 920 664 8477 or abarkowgsad@gmail.com

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Tree and shrub branch pruning, tree and shrub removal, tree and shrub planting, and manicuring of trees and shrubs. *IMPORTANT* Please call or email for trees and shrubs needing to be maintained that are larger than 6 feet tall and larger than 6 feet wide. 920 664 8477 or abarkowgsad@gmail.com.


Did you know there is no biological definition of a weed? Just a plant out of place. Not sure if it's a plant that has lost its way? Let me help.

Perennial Plant Maintenance

Deadheading, (pruning) planting, cutting back, relocating, manicuring of perennial plants

Rose Maintenance

Rose designing, planting, pruning or removal. Call or email for pest management and diagnostic services 920 664 8477 or abarkowgsad@gmail.com

Vine Maintenance

Vine design, planting, pruning (training) and removal


Designing of new or existing garden bed spaces.

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Call 920 664 8477 or email at abarkowgsad@gmail.com for questions about other services offered.


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